It’s Not the Fall that Kills You

From Somalia:

The flood-hit communities in southern Somalia were already vulnerable because they had not recovered from the severe drought of earlier this year when they lost thousands of livestock and had no harvest. “Juba has been in a chronic humanitarian crisis,” said Cindy Holleman, technical manager with Somalia’s Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU), a project funded by USAID, the European Commission and Norway, and managed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The assets of an already vulnerable people had been destroyed by the floods, Holleman said.

It’s the variability that gets you every time.

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  1. ‘Resilience’ is the term ecologists and social scientists use: the ability to withstand disruption or stressors. That is: sh*t happens, how do we deal with it? Poor, unequal societies are less able to deal with stressors.



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