Strange Bedfellows

From the BBC:

The move has also been opposed by the environmental and coal lobbies.

What could be so vile, so heinous that it could bring together these traditional enemies?

Nuclear power is a viable option for meeting Australia’s future energy needs, a new government report says.

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  1. Um, let me guess first. Could it be ….

    Have they agreed on building clean closed coal burning electrical generators?

    Those have been waiting since about 1977:

    A pressurized fluidized bed coal fired combined cycle electric power generation
    MOSKOWITZ, S. (Curtiss-Wright Corp., Wood-Ridge, N.J.) AIAA-1977-1013
    EEI, and IEEE, Conference on New Options in Energy Technology,San Francisco, Calif., Aug 2-4, 1977, AIAA 9 p.
    … In the closed- cycle steam turbine the working … demonstrate the technology for clean, cost- competitive …with pulverized coal burning steam plants …

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