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  1. I remember snow. That’s that white stuff that used to pile up on the frozen birdbath on Lobo Place. Irritated the birds when their ice skates got stuck in it.

    Haven’t seen much snow these past few years, here on the Pacific Plate. Just an ice crystal or two on the birdbath of a crispy midwinter morning, when it isn’t raining, which it does for about three months running.

    We sometimes see snow on Sonora Pass in the Sierra on our way over to Bishop.

    I guess I had my fill of snow in Valdez, Alaska. I got up two hours early every day to shovel the snow up over my head off the roof of the trailer I lived in eight miles out of town. I had to repeat the task when I got home after work. We had fifty feet of snow the winter of 1989, still six feet deep when the Exxon Valdez piled up on Bligh Reef on March 24.

    I woudn’t mind just a bit, though, just for old times sake.


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