The Rising Cost of Bread in Australia

The cost of Australian bread is on the rise:

Bushman’s Bakery, which has six outlets in the Coffs Harbour area, has told customers the drought has pushed the price of a loaf of bread up by 20 cents.

Owner Dally Sullivan says there is no choice but to pass on the cost.

“We were notified a few weeks ago by our flour millers that there was going to be a very big price increase in the vicinity of $200 a tonne for flour because of the shortage of wheat due to the drought,” he said.

“That has forced us to increase the price of the bread, and a rise of $200 a tonne equates to something like 20 cents a loaf.”

Back in the day, people starved. In that context, 20 cents a day seems reasonable.


  1. Figuring 2 loaves per kilo (if anything a little on the high side since a standard loaf is one pound (.45 kilo) and contains other things aside from wheat), that’s 2,000 loaves per tonne, times $.20 = $400, and maybe as high as $600. Profiteering! Of course these are AU dollars we’re talking, so it’s chump change. 🙂

  2. Leave it to Steve to get right to the heart of the matter. Must be greed afoot.

    No mention of the grim future Australia faces as the slow to form, but forming nontheless, El Nino has its effect upon western Pacific climate.

    No matter how you slice it, Steve, there is more going on than you see.

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