No Doubt a Coincidence

Roger Pielke Jr. notes a remarkable coincidence between the text written by Bjorn Lomborg in the Guardian earlier this week and something Roger wrote last month. First Pielke:

Imagine, by contrast, if the Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, another organization with an agenda to be “policy neutral,” were reported in the media to say of the agency’s latest assessment on Iran, “I hope that the report will shock people, governments into taking more serious action.”

Now Lomborg:

Imagine if the director of the CIA published a new assessment of Iran, saying: “I hope this report will shock people, governments into taking more serious action.”

“Not a huge deal,” Roger writes, “and maybe just a simple coincidence.” I think he’s being generous.


  1. IMHO, there are about 13 denialist arguments total.

    They are continually recycled and a few wurdz changed here and there.

    Judging from the chimp chatter going on at RP Jr’s place, Lomborg can be forgiven for recycling RP’s argument, as that’s the standard and a cursory reading of the comments makes it seem as if it is a denialist site.



  2. Were I a more cynical oryctolagus cuniculus I would be tempted to say that Lomborg received 20 or so copies of the original from the author and read every one twice.

  3. Lomborg and Pielke are so deep into fellow traveller status one can expect them to be like the dialogue in Lond West end comedies where one actor starts the sentence and the other one completes it. Works good when the content is fluff.

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