1. Oh man. Conservapedia! I had no idea such a thing existed– have a look at Jon Swift’s exhaustive coverage. It seems too large to be a joke, but too dumb to be serious. Perhaps it’s some of both.

    Can you imagine the blowback in the US if someone talked about abandoning the coastal defenses for “low-value” areas? Even saying “it may be too expensive to rebuild the lower 9th ward” is a political third rail.

  2. From the post Graeme linked: “This is the late crustaceous of 94 million years ago.”


    Or maybe it was lobster and we can imagine that everyone dined very well when the PETM rolled around 40 ma later.

    Actually IIRC crabs were threatening to take over San Francisco in the late ’60s, but I suppose that was more of a public health issue.

  3. Right.

    Thats a great argument Bloom.

    Fan fucking tastic.

    Now have you got that evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming yet?

    Or that evidence for a dire rate-of-change of oceanic PH?

    I…… didn’t……..THINK!!!so.

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