Skiing in Bolivia

Who knew there was skiing in Bolivia? Not any more, apparently:

Their pride in the ski resort here, the only one in Bolivia, soon gives way to a grim acceptance that the glacier that once surrounded the lodge with copious amounts of snow and ice is melting fast.

Attributing the melting to the growing emission of greenhouse gases causing global warming, scientists say Bolivia’s skiing tradition could be extinguished when Chacaltaya’s modest ski run disappears forever in a few years.

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  1. The head of IPCC is Mr.RK Pachauri, director-general, The Energy and Resources Institute run by TATA group.
    Just few days ago he while answaring the question regarding melting of Siahen the longest glacier of world :… But I don’t see why there would be melting as a result of military presence and activity.”
    While the whole media crying about the melting of siachen
    Army blamed for Siachen meltdownSiachen glacier has been melting alarmingly more due to military activity of … The extraordinary melting of Siachen and other major tributary glaciers is … – 39k

    So, all the perpose of this confrance is just waisting of time..and noting else.

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