• birds: Via MJH, the Great Blue Heron Flickr project: take a picture of a heron, geotag it, include it in the group, and open source science of a sort occurs
  • paper: Stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations at low levels: an assessment of reduction strategies and costs: “The net present value of abatement costs for the B2 baseline scenario (a medium scenario) increases from 0.2% of cumulative GDP to 1.1% as the shift is made from 650 to 450 ppm.”
  • word: chile – I’ll just link you to two definitions you can read yourself: from Pete Domenici or Jimi Hendrix
  • music: At the record store over the weekend, I found used music from Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane. Didn’t occur to me until I was paying that I had a theme going, one that actually had a couple of layers. And I don’t mean “old guy music.”
  • stuff I wrote elsewhere: While we’re on the subject of Pete Domenici….