Drought News

A bunch of interesting drought news:

  • From Australia, camels mad with thirst: “They helped to build the Australian nation and had a cross-continental railway named after their handlers. But now the camel population here is wreaking havoc in the desert and remote communities because of a desperate lack of water.”
  • Things are so bad in the Black Hills of South Dakota that junior water rights holders are being cut off: “Drought conditions in western South Dakota have forced the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to issue shutoff orders today to 46 junior water right holders along the Cheyenne River and tributaries upstream of Angostura Reservoir.”
  • water restrictions in South Florida: “Water managers voted today to impose three-day-a-week limits for sprinklers from Palm Beach County to the Keys, saying it’s time for residents and businesses throughout the region to share the pain of a drought that shows no signs of ending.”

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  1. As far as I can see late February and March have been times when we’ve been getting more rain then usual in Australia.

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