No Monsters In The Rain

Protecting Us From Monsters

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Sadie’s primary job is to protect us from monsters. From her observation deck (a stool at the front window), she can monitor the approaches to the house.

Sometimes the monsters are delivering the mail or taking away our garbage. Sometimes they merely walk by our house for no apparent reason. But without fail, if she barks well enough – with enough clarity of moral purpose – she drives them away.

This morning we’ve got a quiet rain falling, and there seem to be no monsters out. But Sadie’s at the ready, alert, just in case.

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  1. You are fortunate. Good monster protection is hard to find.

    We’ve got two monster protectors – a pair of 10 yr. old Samoyeds. Chakotay protects us from biological monsters – whether other dogs (a.k.a. “dope on a rope”) or bicycles (a.k.a. “meals on wheels”) or squirrels, possums or groundhogs.

    Kosh protects us from the meteorological monsters – thunder and lightning. All night long, sometimes. In our bedroom.

    Enjoy both of your blogs,

    Dave Gill
    North Canton, OH

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