Florida Drought

From Robert Clemson’s WaterCrunch, an update on Florida drought:

Southwest Florida usually receives 42 inches annually, however, they are missing 13 inches of rain since 2006. The area is now entering a dry season after a year of rainfall so far below normal it ranks as the state’s third-driest year on record. Only four inches of rain has fallen in the area since January which is about half of normal rainfall amount. Some have said that the Southwest Florida region needs three years of above normal summer rains to recharge its aquifers.

A reminder of the issue Kevin Vranes raised the other day that is a useful reminder to us myopic arid west droughtsters: “This is not just a western issue.”

I’ve created a new blogroll category for waterbloggers – added Clemson and Mike Campana in Oregon. If you know of any others, let me know.