Framing: The Results

Yesterday I pointed to framing by Bob Loux, head of the Nevada’s effort to block Yucca Mountain. Loux used the nuclear transportation danger frame in a presentation before the Sparks City Council, urging the council to pressure the Walker River Paiutes to block rail transportation of waste to Yucca Mountain. Today, we see the results:

The tribal council passed a resolution Tuesday removing the tribe from a federal environmental impact study that included a rail segment for shipments of spent nuclear fuel along the outskirts of tribal lands north of Walker Lake.

“After considering the information we had gathered to date and discussions with our membership, the tribal council made the decision not to continue with the Department of Energy’s process,” tribal Chairwoman Genia Williams said in a statement.

“The tribe will not allow nuclear waste to be transported on rail through our reservation,” Williams said.

The Walker River Paiutes had faced pressure from tribe members and from nearby communities worried about the possibility of nuclear waste traveling through northern Nevada.