On China

Down in the comments, Slinger points to Peter Ford’s Christian Science Monitor story on China’s greenhouse gas reduction noises:

While still insisting on their right to industrialize hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty, Chinese leaders are showing the first tentative signs of readiness to accept mandatory emissions-reductions targets. And they are setting themselves all kinds of green goals.

As the world’s No. 2 greenhouse-gas culprit – closing in on the 6 billion tons of CO2 produced by the US annually – China is under pressure both from other nations and from its own scientists’ predictions of a potentially catastrophic future if global warming is not curbed.

“Climate change has become a huge challenge to China’s social and economic sustained development,” Zheng Guoguang, head of the China Meteorological Administration, said Monday. “China is determined to mitigate and respond to climate change as a responsible nation.”

(As an aside, Peter Spotts and the other Monitor staffers do an excellent job on this topic, and they’ve recently set up a site to collect their work. New Mexicans who click through will see the fabulous moustache of our own snowpack guy Richard Armijo.)