• reading: Everett Rogers’ History of Communication Study, suggested by a friend after I bemoaned the fact that, despite being a communications professional, I’m woefully ignorant about communication
  • blogs: Nature’s new Climate Feedback blog looks promising, but I’m curious about something. The comments look suspiciously like a lot of the same people who show up at all the other climate blogs. Do we need another? A contingent “yes,” and I’ve added it to my blogroll and the Planet.
  • garden: The iris are in full explosion in our front yard. Photos to follow. Tomatoes now in the ground in the back.
  • word: irrigable – “The proper standard for measuring the water rights intended for the reservations was held to be `practicably irrigable acreage.'”

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  1. Hmmm.

    Note to self: Never use phrase “practicably irrigable acreage” if you have any hope of being a successful professional communicator.

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