• paper of the day: Mendoza et al. in Climatic Change look at Maya droughts over the last several centuries
  • weather: Hottest day so far this year in Albuquerque at 84F (29C), warm enough for a lovely chat on the back porch at a party last night. Over the last five days, we’ve seen a statistically significant warming trend. (data here)
  • family: Yesterday was moving day. Big Toe helped, having had some experience working as a mover during his student days at the Sorbonne. Apparently the French have a saying: “Soulever avec vos jambes.”


  1. Sometimes I think north Georgia is heading towards a southwestern type of climate. We have had lots of day warmer than that, plus only about a third of our normal rain for this year. The state climatologist said my town has had the driest first four months of the last 109 years.

  2. I hope Mr Toe was as careful with Nora’s books as he is with his data collection.


    Toe fan.

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