Security in the Student Ghetto

Boo Radley House

Originally uploaded by heinemanfleck.

Concerned by what I read in the comments on Duke City Fix, I dispatched Big Toe to Nora’s new neighborhood this afternoon to evaluate the security situation. Before he turned to science, BT trained with one of the famous Malaysian pirate ninjas, and he holds a black belt in Juhitsmo. Here he’s surveying the old Boo Radley house, which according to neighborhood lore has been home to some dastardly shenanigans.

I feel safer knowing BT is on the job protecting Nora.


  1. After reading through the thread you linked, one thing that struck me was how well Nora debated the opposite view to the original comments; forcefully, logically and with civility. That has to make you proud. 🙂

    This phase you’re going through with stuffed toys and dress-ups is of some concern, though. Some of rely on this website as our only source of Albuquerque news (sure, you can question our judgement, but not the facts) and lately the town seems to have been taken over by blue … um… things.

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