Water on a Semi-Arid Coastal Plain

It’s almost like I never left. When I abandoned California nearly two decades ago, they were fighting about the environmental effects of water diverted from the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta for the growing suburbs of Southern California.

Still fighting:

Warning that a recent boost in water exports is nudging the delta smelt closer to extinction, environmentalists have asked a federal judge to order state and U.S. officials to cut back pumping that imperils the tiny fish.

Increased pumping into aqueducts that move water as far south as San Diego has swelled the number of smelt that have been sucked into pumps and killed in recent days.

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  1. So the Circuit Court order worked for 9 days, then was either ignored or superceded or remanded or something.

    Surely the opposition will state that NRDC et al. want us to live in the Middle Ages etc., but how else do you get the gummint to obey its own laws? In this issue too, CA must be watched as they’ll be at the forefront for the rest of us.



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