A Climate Tax

In the June 19 Eos, Vergana and colleagues itemize the impending costs to Andean communities as glaciers, their source of water for both consumption and electricity generation, disappears as a result of climate change:

These consequences are akin to a climate tax imposed by energy-intensive societies on populations that have contributed little to the climate change problem.


  1. “Tax” is framing.

    “Burden” is what we normally think of when we talk about others shouldering the…er…burdens of our lifestyle. But I guess if this will make the self-regarding understand, it’s OK.



  2. This was on my pile of to blog about, but thanks for getting it up. I also recall related reading about how the Himilayan glaciers feeding the Ganges are going toe up which would be an even worse disaster.

    I think tax here is the right word in the context of a cost/benefit world.

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