The Silver Bike Boulevard

The folks at BikeABQ are advocating what I think is a fabulous idea: the Silver Bike Boulevard. The idea is to take a street that is already low traffic, slow speed and turn it into a bike-friendly boulevard. Silver’s perfect for the job: it parallels Central, which is bad for bikes. It has a lot of stop signs, so traffic is already slow. It’s right by the university, so it’s already got a lot of bike and pedestrian traffic. In other works, it’s already in use as an informal sort of bike boulevard.

1.26 miles of flat urban riding.
Full kml file.

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  1. Yes, the Silver Bike Blvd. is a great idea, but so far I have only seen bike route signs there and no major changes. How long is it going to take? I thought they had allocated $450,000. Have the funds been redirected to some other project?

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