A New Bike Trail

The folks at Spa and Billiard Supply in Albuquerque must be delighted. Work is underway on a new bicycle trail along the north side of Interstate 40 that will give cyclists excellent access to their store. In the past, cyclists who wanted to buy a spa or billiard supplies didn’t have any good options.

As an aside, the new trail will also greatly improve access to my neighborhood, cutting down both the distance between my house and the main bike trail system, as well as the number of dangerous intersections I have to negotiate. And it’ll also be easier for me to buy billiard supplies.

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  1. Yes, but in your climate how can you wish for a shorter route? Aren’t you trying to keep your miles up?!? Come on, John – you have to keep the Ti in your bike moving, you know.

    Wearing my geeky professional hat, it looks like those neighborhood roads have decent network connectivity, making biking that much safer as drivers have multiple routes to choose from.

    And to extend Eli’s idea, you can pick up a new cue and stick it in the front tire of the idiot on the overpriced bike who cut you off back there…



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