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On climate change’s impact on New Mexico:

Diminishing water supplies as a result of global warming could cost New Mexico’s economy hundreds of millions of dollars a year over the next century, according to a new study.
The study, to be unveiled at a news conference this morning in Albuquerque, found that an already arid New Mexico is “highly vulnerable” to climate change.
The average flow in the Rio Grande could drop by one-fourth over the next 75 years in response to climate change. With water supplies already stretched to the limit and the population growing, the state’s economy, especially agriculture and recreation, could suffer, the study’s authors found.
Riverside ecosystems are also likely to suffer.

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  1. Sheesh. I came here to give you kudos about this story, and wondering where I’d comment so’s you’d a-seen it. Great minds think alike, I guess. (I saw this story in the Headwaters news reader)



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