1. there are few things I enjoy more than a well-thought out and intelligent rebuttal, especially when said rebuttal both validates social science and furthers my own knowledge. Needless to say, well done

  2. A half year back or so during the great Schulte eruption (did someone ever ding that guy for wasting everyone’s time) Eli pointed out that a search on Google scholar using the string “global climate change”

    1. A large majority of the references dealt with the economic and biological consequences of global climate change showing the wide scientific consensus agreeing with the IPCC AR4

    2. In the first 200 or so listings there were none that argued against the conclusions of the IPCC AR4.

  3. A simple request.

    In about two weeks, I am going to the Northeast to make a presentation. If I do the presentation will, I will have increased funding. The funding will allow me and others to start to manufacture a novel engine. We expect to have this engine for sale in under a year. This engine is expected to raise fuel economy a lot, decrease the carbon footprint, save money and a number of other cool things.

    In order to make the presentation well, I need to be prepared.

    So, if any of you has articles, web sites, annual reports or other things that I should know about, please get them to me or tell me how to get them myself.


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