Breakfast of Champions

To the guy in the Wheaties jersey out on the bosque bike trail this morning: Dang that was fun!

I was out by myself, but (as often happens) I ended up amidst a train of like-minded riders. In this case, our like minds involved going fast. There are so many families with strollers and kids on trike and stuff on much of the trail that you can’t play go-fast games. But down in the south valley, south of the Bueno chile plant, things thin out and it’s easier to get things cranked up.

Since I got the book done in January, I’ve had the freedom to really crank up the miles, and I can feel my body changing. I can see it in the data, too. I’m a bit of a bike riding data freak, and I’ve got heart rate, speed, elevation, mileage, etc. About two weeks ago, I saw this big non-linear jump as my body all of a sudden clicked into bike riding mode.

South of the chile plant, there’s this sweet S-curve where the bike trail crosses a ditch. As we were approaching it I had the legs to jump out of the front of our little train so I could take it by myself. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had the legs to do that. Wheaties Shirt got back on my wheel pretty quickly. I’m still a slow old guy. But the rest of the way through the south valley, we were just flying.


  1. Shweeeeeeet!

    If you don’t get it, you’re not a bike rider.

    But about the old guy thing, John, I think we’re about-ish the same age. Ahem.




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