Roundabouts of Albuquerque

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That’s the roundabouts in the shopping center north of Coors and Montano, on Albuquerque’s west side – the last piece in my “Roundabouts of Albuquerque” project. The blue line is the GPS track from today’s bike ride. Zoom out to see the whole thing.

Here’s the plan:

Every year, for my birthday, I ride my age – that is, mileage equal to the birthday at hand. This year’s 49 is coming up next weekend. That’s not a terribly ambitious distance (I rode 51 today, just to be sure I had the legs for the coming adventure).

At the same time, I’ve been collecting roundabouts – riding them with my GPS and collecting the resulting map image. See above. I know, I’m easily amused.

So here’s the birthday plan: a ride that traverses all the roundabouts in Albuquerque – at least all the ones I know about, with photo documentation and a GPS map to do with it. Thanks to some help from the fine folks at Duke City Fix (see discussion here)

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The details of the route are still to be worked out – an amusing sort of traveling salesman problem, but definitely tractable. A route that hits all the roundabouts, as close to 49 miles as possible. But not less.

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