Explaining the Temperature Record

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about an apparent global cooling trend that conventional climate science is at loss to explain. Most recently, for example, Anthony Watts made much of the latest satellite data out of Huntsville:

Confirming what many of us have already noted from the anecdotal evidence coming in of a much cooler than normal May, such as late spring snows as far south as Arizona, extended skiing in Colorado, and delays in snow cover melting, (here and here), the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) published their satellite derived Advanced Microwave Sounder Unit data set of the Lower Troposphere for May 2008.

It is significantly colder globally, colder even than the significant drop to -0.046°C seen in January 2008.

It appears now that Noah Shachtman has the explanation: Pirate Attacks up 75 percent. This seems strong confirmation for the Venganza hypothesis:

[S]tatistics show that the rise in global temperature and the number of pirates in existence are inversely proportional…

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  1. Note how the RSS or UAH is always mentioned, hardly ever the GISS or HadCRU record.

    Last I checked, people don’t live in the lower troposphere.

    That said, where’s the surface data for May?!?



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