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getting paid to float down a boat on a river:

But among the river people there also is some nervousness about the future. Much of the funding for bosque habitat restoration work has come courtesy of Pete Domenici, who is retiring at the end of his current term. Love or hate those dreaded pork barrel earmarks, but this is an example on the ground of what they do. Question one is where the money comes from after Sen. D is gone.

Question two involves the effect of the city-county Water Utility Authority’s plans to begining taking its San Juan Chama water out of the river later this year or early next year. Once we start drinking it, there will be that much less water in the river for fish and the rest of an ecosystem already seriously stressed.

But really, it’s hard to worry too much about all that when you’re sitting on a raft floating down a river. Did I mention I get paid for this?