Albuquerque Water Rates

Joel Gay gives Albuquerque water rates a good, hard look:

“You hit ’em where it hurts — in the wallet,” said Armando Ortega, customer service manager in Alamogordo, which has among the highest water rates in the state. Since adopting a conservation-oriented rate structure in 2003, Alamogordo’s water use has dropped by 40 percent, he said.

But in Albuquerque, where water conservation has slowed to a crawl in recent years, there appears to be little interest in hiking water rates to discourage profligate use. Though the rate structure is up for review and approval Aug. 20, water authority spokesman David Morris said, “There are no plans at this point to revise it.”

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  1. Weak leadership.

    My city on the Front Range looked at this issue and had no problem making the choice. After all, don’t you want enough water for growth? No? ABQ wants to use all its water to discourage folk from moving there? Ah.



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