Free Iris

Free Iris

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It took about 10 minutes from the time Lissa put up the “free iris” sign this morning until the first neighbor drove up to grab a bag.

The iris bed has gotten a little out of control, and Lissa and I skipped our Saturday morning walk to work on it. She scored some cheap fountain grass at Home Depot, so she ask for my help in clearing some space among the iris for them.

Mostly, I played with her new camera and sat on the front porch with the laptop, making excuses about my knee and trying to spot the woodpecker we kept hearing in the locust tree, but the fiction of working together is pleasant.

The sunflowers are still out, and we’ve been getting little goldfinches – the only bird small enough to really eat them. The first clumps of yellow are appearing on the cottonwood across the street, and the wind has a cool edge even though it’s a sweating hot morning (the few times I actually leaned into a shovel to help confirmed this fact).

Last Sunday we went to the last Isotopes home game of the season, a warm Sunday evening that cooled off more quickly than a summer night should, but which was still warm enough to feel like baseball weather.

The free iris season is one of the best indicators of fall at our house, and I do love the fall.