1. They’ll take your bottle of Evian when they pry it from your cold, dead, but remarkably wel-hydrated fingers.

    The writer of Enjoy Bottled Water.com, Angela Logomasini, is an employee of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, global warming deniers and reflexive critics of any attempt to squelch the right of businesses to make and sell any product regardless of its toxic and negative impact. One of their “policy analysts,” Alexander Volokh, even goes so far as to suggest that smoking is a civic duty:


    According to Sourcewatch.org, Logomansini only received $67K in 2004 for her scholarly efforts as CEI’s Director of Risk and Environment. That can’t go far in DC. So, she must really be a whack job as opposed to a clever scammer.

  2. Jared –

    Thanks for the link. I did the blog post quickly, and didn’t really grasp the humor possibilities associated with their bottled water-9/11 schtick, too. Almost as funny as smoking as a civic duty.

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