The Energy Costs of Desalination

From my colleague Sean Olson, in today’s Albuquerque Journal (ad gated):

While desalinating water could become a valuable tool to support a growing New Mexico, residents will have to be ready to bite the bullet when it comes to the huge energy cost associated with the technique.
Experts say that cost comes in two forms: on water bills and in the environment.
“Here we are, trying to reduce energy use, and we’re looking at (water) options that use significant amounts of energy,” said Santa Fe water policy analyst Consuelo Bokum.


  1. John,
    Thanks. I had not thought about using our engine to clean up water. Should be a good fit, especially in NM.

  2. Waste heat and solar are “free” energy ways to desalinate. They can also be important for reducing the volume of liquid wastes from various industrial processes.

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