Is the Push for Regional Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Breaking Down?

Shaun McKinnon had an item today on the push in the Arizona legislature to back away from the Western Climate Initiative:

A group of state legislators has started the process of undoing former Gov. Janet Napolitano’s climate change initiatives and their chances of success are probably good.

A bill has been introduced in the Senate that would block state agencies from adopting or enforcing any program or measure to regulate greenhouse gases without approval from the Legislature.

If the bill becomes law, Arizona would effectively drop out of a regional effort to reduce greenhouse gas levels, an initiative that put the state on the cutting edge of adapting to climate change.

The Legislature passed the same bill last year, but Napolitano vetoed it.

I posted today over on the work blog about efforts to get a climate change bill moving in New Mexico’s legislature, where it looks like the central argument by the bill’s opponents will be that there is no longer any need for state-level action now that we have a president who supports national climate change action.