1. I propose that we create a new drink for stressed newspaper people.

    2 shots of tequila
    1 ounce ruby grapefruit juice
    a little cactus jelly
    1/8 ounce lime juice
    sugar to balance the taste

    Mix with crushed ice.

    Drink immediately.

    As an alternative

    One bottle of tequila, hold some cactus jelly near the bottle of tequila, drink the tequila.

    Either drink can be called “A Pink Iguana”

    Other drinks come to mind

    One quart bourbon filtered through old news print and served in a tall glass over ice.

    This one could be called a “Hearst Highball”

    Create your own recipe. How about one for climate change?

  2. Eric –

    You joke. But Howard told me that before they wrote their paper, when you googled “pink iguana” the only things that showed up were a drink, a rock band and something else that he can’t remember.

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