Imagine One of the World’s Largest Cities, Without Running Water

Daniel Hernandez, on Mexico City:

Reserves of the city’s largely imported water supplies from the Cutzamala plant are at their lowest in years. Hoping to prevent a larger disaster, for three days a month, the municipal water utility has decided to run the city’s supply at 50% its normal flow. March 14 was the first time this measure was taken — and from what I’m seeing and hearing, the water hasn’t been back on yet.


  1. The front page article in this week’s EOS is about “Early 21st Century Drought in Mexico.” I had to stop for a moment before I realized: early 21st century… that’s now.

    Do you get EOS?

  2. Kim – I just saw that too. In fact, my paper copy of Eos is now traveling back and forth between home and work in my backpack, in the hopes that I’ll have time to do a blog post about that one way or the other. (AGU gave me a comp subscription to Eos, plus my pal John Geissman is one of the editors, so I pretty much have to read it.)

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