The Tree Rings Tale

Coming November 2009, from the University of New Mexico Press, The Tree Rings Tale: Understanding Our Changing Climate, by John Fleck.

It’s the story of western weather and climate, told through the work of a series of vignettes about some of my favorite scientists, written for middle school-aged kids. A little climate change, a lot of dendrochronology, not much actual use of the word “dendrochronology”. I don’t think you can pre-order it yet, but it’s not too early to add it to your preliminary Christmas lists for all the kiddos in your lives. You can read it yourself if you want.

Can I confess that I ran around the house squealing with excitement when I saw that it had appeared on Amazon?


  1. Very cool. I’ll definitely buy a copy for my kids. Now you need to write an adult version as well. Here’s my pick for the name: Tree Rings for Dummies

    I’d buy that one for myself too.

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