Really, Really Giant Squid

Really, Really Giant Squid

I have a standing policy here at the Inkstain News Center against quoting anonymous sources, but this is too sweet to pass up:

My alligators tell me that Joe Monahan’s college nickname was “Squid”.

“Alligators” is NM politics blogger Monahan’s word for his anonymous sources, who tell him all kinds of important stuff, some of which is true. The alligators have propelled Monahan to worldwide fame. Just ask Monahan, who noted in a recent post that the importance of the alligators has been

noted by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly, the BBC, PBS NewsHour, the Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe Reporter, Real Clear Politics, National Public Radio, NM Independent, the Alibi, KOB-TV, KRQE-TV, KASA-TV, KOB Radio, KSFR-FM Radio, C-SPAN, Voice of America and the Las Cruces Sun-News, among many others.

Wow! Good job, Joe, thanks for keeping track. And it clearly shows how prescient your college colleagues were in calling you squid, what with 300 species and all those arms and stuff. Squid rocks. (Squids rock?)

(I’d link to Monahan’s post with the list of media kudoing, but I can’t figure out how to get his permalinks to work, sorry. There’s obviously a reason my work has never been mentioned on Voice of America. I’m no squid.)


  1. hmmm…perhaps it was noticed that displayed a propensity to disappear into a cloud of ink when threatened?

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