Thinking About Aridity

Here’s a nice way of thinking about aridity:

If all the water that flows in each river during an average year were spread evenly over the area drained by the river, the depths would be: Delaware 20.9 in.; Columbia 13.1 in.; Mississippi 6.7 in.; Colorado 1.15 in.

Source: Water and Choice in the Colorado Basin, National Research Council, 1968

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  1. OK, this is a first for me because it comes uncomfortably close to a chain letter but it is also driving a lot of unexpected traffic to my site and seems a very interesting way to open up readership.

    What is “it”? It is a “MeMe” award, which arrived in the comment box of my site on the monthly posting on Lake Mead elevations. It comes from a No. Cal garden designer named John Black.
    His interest in my blog seems to be both drought tolerant gardening and Vegas, where he lived in his youth. As for the “MeMe,” It’s less an award than a request from a blogger who admires your blog for you to reach out beyond your normal readership sphere and point out seven good blogs. Ever keen to promote conservation, and ever vain, I obliged with a posting. As Black explained the deal:

    Apparently the MeMe has a few, simple, rules:
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    If you can’t be bothered, I completely understand. But having decided to play, I am compelled to notify you that you were a shoe in for a MeMe in my book.

    Yours half in admiration and half embarrassment, EG

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