The Book

The Book

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So here’s the book. Box arrived today.

I’d wrestled with its words and pictures separately, seen the proofs, but there’s something about holding it in my hands….

Available for pre-order on Amazon (click the link in the right-hand rail) if you’ve got middle-school aged kids in your orbit who you think might get excited by a book about some science that’s all around them.


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  2. Wow – How exciting to actually have it in hand! I am one month away from submitting my manuscript – crunch time, and as you mentioned anxiety over words.

  3. Way to go, John!
    Now for that book on how Captain Beefheart’s music has affected the overall health of the Southwestern ecosystem.

  4. I’m late with this (because I’ve been on a horrific deadline), but better late than never: CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!! i know how much effort a book takes. You must be so relieved and thrilled to hold the actual book in your hand.

    Oh, and I’m with William Connolley on the review copy thing. I’ll send you my address when you’re ready…

    Seriously, I’ve got to figure out a way to finally meet you so you can sign a copy for me.

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