My First Amazon Review

Cynthia Barnett reviews The Tree Rings’ Tale:

Fleck has an eye for the detail that will grab a young person’s attention. My son was interested to learn that scientists in these different fields get to shoot down rapids, launch giant weather balloons and climb rocks. He also loved Fleck’s details about some of the makeshift tools scientists use to do their work. After all, using a Pringles can to store paper straws that in turn store super-skinny tree-bore samples is just the sort of thing kid-scientists do.

I highly recommend _The Tree Rings’ Tale_ to parents and science-minded readers 8 to elder, and to middle- and high school science teachers. I’m convinced that America’s water-supply problems are linked in part to a lack of scientific understanding about water that begins in childhood. _The Tree Rings’ Tale_ would be a strong textbook to help fill this gap, not only in the West where the book takes place, but in any state in the nation.

As a bonus, I was at the Rio Grande Nature Center Sunday afternoon with Mom and Dad. Their bookstore was closed, but I could see through the window my book on the shelf. The Tree Rings’ Tale: Understanding Our Changing Climate (shipping in time for your Christmas gift-giving needs!)


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