Why I Ride

Seen on the bike today:

  • A new beaver dam taking shape in the riverside drain, just south of the Interstate 40 bridge.
  • A pair of bicycle cops pulling over a cyclist on the riverside trail. (If you ride the trail on the weekends, you know Singing Guy. Wears headphones, sings very loudly and very badly. I can only guess his crime is to be really annoying. To that, at one time or another, we must all plead guilty.)
  • The Black-crowned Night-heron. Bosque Bill took a nice picture of him the other day. He’s been hanging out in the riverside drain south of the Bueno chile plant. Lissa and I walked down last night looking for him, had no joy. This morning, on my ride south, there was no sign of him. But on the way back up, at maybe 10:45 a.m., he was just sitting there on the same log you see in Bill’s picture, oblivious to passing cyclists, looking for passing fish. You don’t get a sense of scale from Bill’s picture, but this is a very big bird. (For more great pictures of the birds of the Albuquerque bosque, check out Bill’s site.)


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