Who Should Pay to Clean Up Our Messes?

On the Public Record, the California water blogger, is his/her usual pithy self in response to a truly awful Sacramento Bee editorial about the cost of cleaning up its sewage. The problem is ammonia in Sacramento’s sewage, which causes havoc downstream. The Bee’s argument (really, I am not making this up) is that if people downstream want the pee cleaned out of their water, they’ll have to pay:

If beneficiaries of a possible peripheral canal want cleaner water for their big straw, they should be prepared to pay for it.

OTPR’s response:

If downstream people want to use our effluent, they can pay for (some of) cleaning it? Look, I know tail-enders get the shaft, but that’s an artifact of the physical world, not an admirable policy that we say out loud. What happened to “Leave No Trace” and “Clean up after yourselves.”?

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