Immigration and California’s Water

I’m guessing folks at “Californians for Population Stabilization” didn’t start with a worry about water supplies and then decide, “Wow, limiting immigration would be a great way of dealing with this problem!”

Over the last thirty years, population has grown by one million in San Diego and population levels are projected to grow by another million in the next thirty years. Now that water is being diverted upstream, San Diego simply doesn’t have enough water for its population, much less for another million people.

‘Cause when these folks express concerns about “immigrants”, they don’t seem to be talking about people moving in from Oregon.


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  2. Immigrants from Oregon don’t make up a significant part of the population growth in Southern California. Immigrants from Mexico do.

  3. PB – The Oregon line was schtick. This isn’t about Oregon.

    In 2008, according to the Census Bureau, 469,000 people moved from other US states to California. Immigrants from other states *do* make up a significant part of the population growth in California. If CAPS really cared about the effect of population growth on the state’s water supply, it would be talking about them. It’s not.

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