Never Mind

About that whole Colorado River shortage thing? Chill.

From a Central Arizona Project statement sent ’round to reporters today:

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, current conditions on the Colorado River indicate a 97 percent probability that more than 2.5 million acre-feet (more than 850 billion gallons) of additional river water will flow from Lake Powell into Lake Mead in 2011. The higher than normal release from Powell would raise water levels in Lake Mead about 25 feet, and delay a potential shortage for several years.

“Compared to where we were a few months ago,” stated CAP General Manager David Modeer, “this is really welcome news. We were looking at the possibility of a shortage as early as 2012, which would have caused CAP to lose access to nearly 20 percent of our Colorado River supply. With the larger projected release in 2011, it is highly unlikely we would see a shortage before at least 2016.”

So waddy’all think I should write about instead? Baseball season’s about to start. Maybe I could try my hand at sportswriting?



  1. I dunno. Suppose you were on death row, scheduled for execution next week, and they gave you a one month stay for judicial review. Would your reaction be, “Whew! Glad I don’t have to worry about THAT anymore.”

  2. The thing about being smart is that you can be a sportswriter about 1/6 of the time and then continue with your other work. Have you seen CarGo play? Ubaldo bear down?



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