Sadie: 1997-2011

Sadie: 1997-2011

Sadie: 1997-2011 photo by L. Heineman

We are sad, and also concerned that without Sadie to bark faithfully, the mailman will simply remain on the front porch.


  1. My condolences. Those who have never lost a pet really can’t understand how heart-rending it is, and how long it takes to adjust to that loss.

  2. I am really sorry to hear about the inspiration for the sadie index.

    Also sorry to have missed your TAAS talk but my mom had to have an 85th birthday and party.

  3. Sorry for your loss John. My wife and I put our first family dog down in Dec. It still makes me a bit wistful at times, but we have so many wonderful memories of that dog – little things in our lives that remind us of how special she was.

  4. So sorry to hear your sad news. Maybe we should name the first Monsoon Season Albuquerque Thunderstorm “Sadie’s Gift”. 🙂

  5. Folks –

    Thanks for all the kind words. Means a lot.

    @norareed, who is expert in the ways of video games, notes a common programming bug where a non-player character fails to get the proper cue to execute its next behavior and just hangs around. Under the proper conditions, you eventually build up an enormous number of non-player characters just sort of hanging around. This led last night to the image of a front porch full of mailmen, as the last one fails to leave because Sadie fails to bark, and then post office sends out a new one the next day.

    I’m happy to report that there was no mailman on the porch when I got home last night.

    Which is a long way of saying that a) one of Sadie’s jobs in our family was to play the faithful straight man, and b) her role endures. We’re doing fine.

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