Hetch Hetchy – Best Pork Bun in Town!

Best Pork Bun in Town! June 2011

Best Pork Bun in Town! June 2011

In a comically disingenuous TV diatribe earlier this month, Congressman Devin Nunes, defender of San Joaquin Valley farmers’ federal water, suggested that perhaps if the effete liberals in San Francisco care so much about the Delta smelt, they should reduce their own consumption of Sierra Nevada water:

If the Delta ecosystem is collapsing, I would ask Nancy Pelosi, John Garamendi, Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Boxer to turn off San Francisco’s water. It comes from the Sierra Nevada mountain range too.

Ignoring for a moment the doctrine of prior appropriation (San Francisco’s water use long predates Nunes’ constituents’) or the sheer numbers involved (San Francisco’s consumption is far less than San Joaquin Valley farmers’), there are the very real needs of of this merchant in San Francisco’s Chinatown, whose economic interests in producing Best Pork Bun in Town! are clearly tied up in that sweet, sweet Hetch Hetchy water:

EASTERN BAKERY THE ONLY BAKERY IN THE WHOLE USA THAT COOKS OUR OWN MOON CAKE FILLING IN THE USA! Such sweet fillings like: Lotus, Black Bean, Winter Melon, Mung Bean, Yellow Soy Bean, ETC… The orient chemical water contaminated is no match to our San Franciscan water the cleanest water in the whole world! Water is the main ingredient for the sweet fillings. No Other Bakery cooks it own filling in the USA. It’s Expensive & Hard


  1. Prediction: Ultimately (which may be quite soon) the major urban areas will get together and impose a solution via a ballot measure (very likely an initiative since the Leg will probably remain gridlocked). Urban interests, enviros and fishing interests will be happy to varying degrees, farmers and the WWD in particular not so much. A nasty drought or the feared Delta earthquake (which BTW will do great damage to much of the Bay Area) will do nicely as triggers.

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  4. I love this picture! I tell people the same thing all the time. We DO have some of the best, cleanest water in the world. How many major metropolitan areas have water so clean that they are not required to filter?

    A minor correction though: they are touting how the water contributes to the wondrousness of their moon cakes.

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