“Dams move water in time”

Hey smart water tweeps, here’s a lazyweb question the Google has been unable to assist me with.

Somewhere, sometime, I heart a great truism from some smart water person whose name is lost to the mists:

Ditches (canals, etc.) move water in space. Dams move water in time.

Have you heard this before? Source?


  1. “Dams move Water in Time” is a pretty broad comment. Better phrased should be “Dams move Water in the RIGHT Time”.

    “Ditches move Water in Space” is also broad. Ask any Irrigation District Manager about distribution of water in his district. He will tell you that “Canals also move Water in Time”.

    Managing the flow of Water in the correct time frame with the right amount of control is essential. Timing is everything in the distribution of water.

    The original statement is true. Dams impound the water for future distributions when needed. Nice quote.


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