On the relevance of paleoclimate studies

As Irene prepares to drop by and visit our eastern neighbors, Kevin Anchukaitis points to this:

Evidence of historical landfalling hurricanes and prehistoric storms has been recovered from backbarrier environments in the New York City area. Overwash deposits correlate with landfalls of the most intense documented hurricanes in the area, including the hurricanes of 1893, 1821, 1788, and 1693 A.D.

A reminder of the societal relevance of paleoclimate studies.


  1. Good catch. This was interesting, too (from the citation).

    “The apparent increase in intense hurricane landfalls [near present-day NYC] around 300 years ago occurs during the latter half of the Little Ice Age, a time of lower tropical sea surface temperatures.”


  2. Correct me if I am wrong Mr. Stolz, but that would mean global warming (and warmer oceans) would be a positive.

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