Measuring the snow

Measuring the snow

Measuring the snow

When I was thinking about how to write a book about climate science for kids, measuring the weather made sense to me. As a journalist, it’s my favorite science to write about because of the opportunities to tie science to everyday experience. And any kid can set up a thermometer and rain gauge in their backyard and do science for themselves.

That’s why I packed The Tree Rings’ Tale with hands-on activities. (It’s not just about dendrochronology.)

Take your ruler with you outside. Look for places where the snow has fallen on a flat surface, like a picnic table or the top of a car. It should be away from buildings. Stick the ruler straight down through the snow. Note the height of the top of the snow on the ruler. Take three measurements, noting them in your journal.

I’m big on keeping a journal.

My fondest hope for this book is that somewhere this morning, kids who read it are out measuring.

Available through Amazon, or if like me you’re partial to hanging out at your local bookstore, check to see if they can get you a copy. My new favorite, Alamosa Books(disclosure: daughter works there) had a few signed copies left when I was in there Friday.

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  1. Interesting timing: we just had an article in our fishwrap today about NCAR trying to develop a better snow-measuring system to replace humans. And we were talking about your book and the kid!



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