Moon cake

Two of Inkstain’s bedrock principles involve 1) correcting errors of fact quickly, and 2) re-running, as often as possible, the “best pork buns in town Hetch Hetchy” picture I took in San Francisco’s Chinatown last year.

This one’s a twofer.

In the aforementioned “Hetch Hetchy – Best Pork Bun in Town” post, I incorrectly argued that Eastern Bakery’s pork buns depended, per the store’s advertisement, on that sweet, sweet Hetch Hetchy water. As Matt correctly pointed out today in the comments on that post, it is in fact the bakery’s moon cake fillings that would be ever so inferior were it not for Hetch Hetchy’s bounty.

best pork buns, also moon cake filling

"Water is the main ingredient for the sweet fillings. No Other Bakery cooks it own filling in the USA. It’s Expensive & Hard"

I stand corrected.