Sentences I wish I’d written: creosote

Colorado River Aqueduct, Cadiz Valley

Colorado River Aqueduct, looking north into the Cadiz Valley in the Mojave Desert of southeastern California, March 2012

If you have any doubt about it, know that the desert begins with the creosote.

– Mary Austin, Land of Little Rain


  1. So funny you were out tromping through the desert recently. So were we, and we went out towards Cadiz, too, not last weekend but the weekend before. (Did you see the funky signpost by the road to Iron Mountain Pumping Plant?)

    It seems we were only a week off. Wouldn’t it had been funny if we had run into each other out there???



  2. That’s great. We ended up on CA 62 by accident, looking for a fun different desert route back in the direction of Albuquerque. But of course once I realized the proximity to Cadiz and the aqueduct, must stopping and picture-taking ensued.

    The best thing, though, was the rock graffiti along the railroad embankment east of where this picture was taken. Did you see that? It’s epic.

  3. Hi John,

    We had been over at the Colorado River Aqueduct and the Hinds Pumping Plant getting chased away by Metropolitan Water District security forces, so after annoying them enough, we decided we should drive over and annoy Cadiz security instead. So we hopped on Desert Center Hwy to the 62.

    We drove past a few failed irrigation enterprises, included one with some dead palm trees that was entertaining in a sort-of adult themed way, and then tried to find the road heading north into Cadiz Valley, which turned out to be a dirt road following the train tracks. We drove up that for awhile, but after it became apparent we were going to lose the light, we had to turn back. So I never made it out to the Cadiz project site, although it was fun trying 🙂

    I don’t think I made it that far east to see the train track graffiti. It was probably right where we turned off to head north.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit tromping around the desert. It is one of my husband & I’s favorite past times, and anytime we can lose the kids for the weekend, it’s a road trip!



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