The importance of Albuquerque’s water conservation efforts

I had a story in the morning paper on Albuquerque’s success in reducing per capita water consumption below 150 gallons per person per day, a 40 percent drop from 1994, when our odyssey from water profligacy began. Here’s the bit I slipped in that shows the regional importance:

Albuquerque’s reduced usage is a demonstration that, despite the dry climate and dwindling water supplies, it is possible for cities in the western United States to learn to live within their means, said Michael Cohen, a water policy analyst with the Pacific Institute, a California-based think tank.

“Continued reductions are still possible and achievable,” said Cohen. “At some point there’s a wall, but I think we’re a long way from that.”

By comparison, Santa Fe has reduced its usage to 106 gallons per person per day, according to water conservation officer Dan Ransom.